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Our Snake Removal Services are 24/7.  We operate as a snake catcher, snake handler in Kinglake and then remove and relocate the snake to a safe location away from people and pets. With the FASTEST response times in Kinglake, give the SNAKE HUNTER a call today on

0403 875 409

Learn about Melbourne's Snakes

Snake Removal Kinglake

Fastest snake removal

Ready and Available 24/7, We can attend your property on call for immediate snake removal in Kinglake


With offices based in Diamond Valley, Moreland and Hume Regions, We have a SNAKE CATCHER ready to come to you.


SNAKE CATCHER Snakes are caught safely without risk to you.

SNAKE HANDLER - All Snakes are handled humanely with care.

SNAKE REMOVAL - Snakes are carefully removed from the premises

SNAKE RELOCATION - Snakes are relocated away back into the wild.

If You See A Snake On Your Property...

Step 1: Keep Safe

The moment you see a snake, immediately step back. Keep all pets and kids away from the area.

A snake will not chase you and will not try to bite you unless provoked. It will try to hide or run away. If you watch it safely and don't engage the snake, you should be safe. People who attempt to handle or kill a snake are most likely to be bitten.

step 2: Call A snake CATCHER

After you have made yourself safe, call 0403 875 409. I will attend your premises to safely and humanely catch the snake. The snake will be relocated away from people and pets back into the wild.

NEVER try to copy my actions. I am insured, fully licensed with the Victorian Government have have extensive experience with snakes.

step 3: Monitor situation

While waiting for me to arrive and catch the snake, follow my instructions on the phone. I will ask certain questions and will give specific advice based on your particular situation.

Continue to keep an eye on the snake. Have someone (if available) ready to meet me at the front door and guide me to the snake. This way, we maximise the chance of finding it while reducing risks to others.

Other Snake Catcher Services

Property Inspections

Snake Catcher Kinglake

Property inspections for homes, schools, businesses, kindergartens, government sites and more. If you need a thorough property inspection and written report, or simply want a snake catcher to visit on site to inspect, call us today on 0403875409 or click on the link below to go to our external page:

Snake advice

& Strategies

Snake Catcher Kinglake

We can attend your premises and provide specific advice and strategies unique to your situation about how to help address issues relating to snakes or to help prevent them from staying on your property. For more information, give us a call today on 0403875409 or click on the link below to go to our external page:

Education &


Snake Catcher Kinglake

With an extensive experience in dealing with and understanding snakes as a snake catcher, I can offer working knowledge on snake behaviour, venom and snake bites. Through a better understanding about snakes, you are better able to protect yourself and your family.  Click the link to go to our external page:

Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter

External Websites & Links

Snake Catcher Kinglake

Mark Pelley The SNAKE HUNTER is a venomous based snake catcher in Melbourne. The main site of The SNAKE HUNTER Can be found by clicking the link below.

Snake Catcher Kinglake

The official Website of Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter. Mark was born in Melbourne and has been handling snakes since 2012. He is a father of 5 beautiful girls and loves to work with the community to improve safety from snakes. Click on Mark Pelley's website below:


Snake Catcher Kinglake

Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter frequently appears in the media. To learn more, click HERE or on the photo above.

Snake Catcher Kinglake

Mark Pelley teaches dogs to avoid snakes through his Canine Snake Avoidance Program. One snake bite in a dog can cost you thousands and also, you risk losing your best friend. Don't put your dog at risk. Click on the link below to learn more:

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