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Common questions that I get asked as Melbourne's snake catcher and snake handler when I go out to different places are the following. If your question is not answered here, be sure to give us a call on 0403 875 409 or you can send us an email through our contact page.

Frequently asked questions

Are All Melbourne's Snakes Venomous?

All of Melbourne's snakes are venomous however to different degrees.For example, the little whip and white lipped snakes are not considered a major threat to people, they are still considered as venomous. Conversely, the Eastern Tiger snake or brown snake are extremely venomous and their bites can kill an adult human very quickly. To learn more about Melbourne's snakes, click on the video. To learn more go to

What is the job of a Snake Catcher?

As a Melbourne based Snake Catcher and Snake Handler, I will attend your premises (home, school, business etc) then locate, safely capture and remove the snake. The snake is then checked to ensure it is healthy and happy. Following it is released back into the wild safely away from people and pets. When I attend your premises, I also can provide information relating to snakes, snake bites, preventing snakes, and snake bite treatment. For more information go to

What types of snakes are in Melbourne?

Melbourne has 7 different snakes all of which are venomous. These include the:

  1. Eastern Tiger Snake
  2. Eastern Brown Snake
  3. Lowland Copperhead
  4. Red Bellied Black Snake
  5. Little Whip Snake
  6. White Lipped Snake
  7. Small Eyed Snake.
To learn more go to

What do I do if I've been BITTEN by a snake?

IF you suspect a snake bite, follow these steps:

  1. Immediately back away from the snake.
  2. Do NOT kill it or try to capture it.
  3. Immediately dial "000" and follow their instructions.
  4. Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage in the mean time
  5. Call The Snake Hunter to attend on 0403875409
  6. Remove all persons away from the area.
For more information, click HERE:

Do you charge a fee as a snake catcher?

As Melbourne's snake catcher, I charge a one off fee to attend the premises. This covers insurance, travel, searching for the snake, handling the snake, removing and relocating the snake. It also covers time, travel expenses and significant risks associated with the job. Our fee is similar to a day time plumber's call out fee - except they don't risk their life every time. There are no hidden charges. Additional fees only apply if there is more than one snake or if we spend more than 45 mins to find it. For more information, go to

Can I just kill the snake?

NO! In the state of Victoria, it is illegal to kill a snake as they are considered a protective species. There are significant fines and penalties for people who kill snakes or attempt to handle one. This law benefits you too because a snake won't bite unless provoked. If you leave it alone, it will leave you alone. There is NO need to kill a snake. Simply call The Snake Hunter on 0403875409 or go to to learn more.

Who are you?

My name is Mark Pelley. I am known as The SNAKE HUNTER. I am a 24/7 venomous snake catcher based in Melbourne. To learn more about me go to: or

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Mark Pelley The SNAKE HUNTER is a venomous based snake catcher in Melbourne. The main site of The SNAKE HUNTER Can be found by clicking the link below.

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The official Website of Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter. Mark was born in Melbourne and has been handling snakes since 2012. He is a father of 5 beautiful girls and loves to work with the community to improve safety from snakes. Click on Mark Pelley's website below:


Mark Pelley teaches dogs to avoid snakes through his Canine Snake Avoidance Program. One snake bite in a dog can cost you thousands and also, you risk losing your best friend. Don't put your dog at risk. Click on the link below to learn more:

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